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Set of Adjustable Mirror Kit + Two 550 lbs Aerial Ballast Bags

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Tower Mirror + Two 550 lbs Ballast Promotion

This special bundle normally retails for $357. It includes an Aerial Adjustable Quick-Release Wakeboard Tower Mirror Kit in polished aluminum and two Aerial 550 lbs Ballast Bags. This is a limited time free offer available with selected wakeboard tower models while supplies last.

Details of Wakeboard Tower Mirror by Aerial | Adjustable Arm with Quick Release (Polished Aluminum)

Keep an eye on the action behind you with this trend-setting, stylish mirror for wakeboard towers. Custom designed by Aerial to be best on the market- highly functional, made of premium materials, excellent construction and all for a very affordable price. Fully adjustable, it easily positions into place for drivers of any height. At the base of the clamp is a quick release lever which not only allows you to remove the arm and mirror for safe keeping , it also allows 360 degrees of free rotation. The “elbow” of the arm gives you 180 degrees of bend and the mirror is mounted to a high quality ball joint. These work together to give you the greatest flexibility for the best viewing angles.

Using the latest in high-tech machining equipment, the arm components are all precision CNC machined out of solid marine-grade aluminum for incredible durability and strength. For a perfect match to the finish of Aerial towers, extra time and attention is given to all the surfaces for an ultra-polished finish. Not only impressive to look at, it also provides an incredibly smooth surface that is easy to keep clean.

The mirror (7 inches tall, 12 inches wide) is a very high quality component with excellent reflective image quality and is set in an impact resistant plastic housing. Unlike standard flat mirrors that give a limited viewing angle, the Aerial adjustable tower mirror uses a convex mirror surface for a wider angle. This is especially useful while towing a wake boarder or knee boarder who is cutting side-to-side across the wake. The outward curve was carefully chosen to provide the optimal field of view needed for wake boats without creating a fish-eye view which can make objects seem far away and difficult to see.

Wakeboard tower mirrors are a highly recommended accessory for any boat with a wakeboard tower. It’s a small investment for all the added safety of being able to keep an eye on the person you are towing at all times- when they fall, you know exactly when to cut the engine. Much better performer compared to standard mirrors found on boat windshields.

Installation time is minimal taking just a few minutes. The mirror comes with all the installation hardware needed. All Aerial wake tower accessories include set of rubberized inserts (inserts wrap around the inside of the clamp) that come in a variety of sizes that allow you to securely mount the universal clamps to wakeboard towers with any diameter size tubing from 1.75 inches up to 2.5 inches. Not only do they provide a protective layer for the finish of your tower, it also eliminates any possible slippage and noise from rattling.

5 year warranty included.

• Fully adjustable wakeboard tower mirror
• Most popular tower mirror style on the market
• A must-have safety accessory for any tower
• Mirror has quick release lever for safe keeping
• Fits 1.75" to 2.5" diameter towers with set of rubberized clamp inserts
• Made of CNC machined solid marine-grade aluminum
• Ultra-polished finish for easy maintenance
• High quality mirror with convex surface for optimal viewing angle for tow sports
• All mounting hardware included
• Easy to install – takes just minutes
• 5 year warranty
• Finish: Polished Aluminum

Details of Aerial Wakeboarding 5.5 Ballast Bags (Two included in this promotion)

Aerial 5.5 Ballast Bags are an easy way to greatly enhance the size of your wake for wakeboarding or wakesurfing. A single bag adds 550 pounds of ballast. Two bags adds 1100 pounds.

Aerial Ballast Bags are mildew and bleed resistant bladders made of heavy duty, 30 gauge PVC to withstand the rigors of boating.

For maximum wake, position the two ballast bags to evenly distribute the load capacity around the boat.

• Each bag weighs 550 pounds when filled (1,100 total pounds for two bags)
• Heavy duty 30 gauge PVC bladder
• Cylindrical shape for weight maximization
• Vinyl straps for re-positioning bags
• Two valves per bag for cleaner filling and draining
• 51" long x 15" diameter each
• Color: Grey

NOTE: This set does NOT INCLUDE a ballast pump kit which is required for fast filling and emptying of the bags.

These kits include tubing and fittings specifically for attaching to the valves on the bags. If you do not have one, you can purchase it through us:

Attwood Tsunami T-800 Ballast Bag Pump


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