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Aerial Wakeboarding 5.5 Ballast Bag


  • Product Code: BB-AER550
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Aerial 5.5 Ballast Bags are an easy way to greatly enhance the size of your wake for wakeboarding or wakesurfing. A single bag adds 550 pounds of ballast. Two bags adds 1100 pounds.

Aerial Ballast Bags are mildew and bleed resistant bladders made of heavy duty, 30 gauge PVC to withstand the rigors of boating.

For maximum wake, position the two ballast bags to evenly distribute the load capacity around the boat.

• Heavy duty 30 gauge PVC bladder
• Cylindrical shape for weight maximization
• Vinyl straps for repositioning bags
• Two valves for cleaner filling and draining
• Includes single bag (350 pounds when filled)
• 51" long x 15" diameter
• Color: Grey

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