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Aerial Wakeboard Tower Backing Plate Kit

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Most new ski boats have reinforced decks that are designed to have towers installed on them.

If you have an older boat you will likely need to reinforce the fiberglass deck with an Aerial Backing Plate kit when installing your tower.

The Aerial Backing Plate Kit features four 1/2 inch thick marine grade plywood cut to 5x8 inches. These backing plates are mounted inside the hull where the tower makes contact with the deck. The plates provide necessary stability to your tower and reduces that chances of cracking your deck.

Includes 10 oz. tube of 5200 adhesive sealant.

• Four 1/2 inch thick marine grade plywood, cut to 5 x 8 inches
• Includes 10 oz. tube 5200 adhesive sealant for easy application
• Adds necessary stability to your tower
• Reduces changes of cracking your deck

Good thing to have

I wasn't sure if I was going to need these when I ordered them, but thought, better safe than sorry. After using the tower I'm glad I did. Even with everything tightened down, I still see the tower shift when hitting waves on the water and when you hit bumps during towing on the trailer, and can only imagine what stress that would put on the sides of the boat if I didn't have the backing plates. I gave 3 stars because its a simple kit that you could put together yourself for less money, but it is convenient when it's already done for you.

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